• Custom computer solutions for agriculture since 2010

    We specialize in efficiently collecting, storing, analyzing, and presenting large datasets. Including GPS data, dairy records, or any other data from your farming operation.

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  • Operational Audits

    From managing trucks during harvest, to getting the right mix in front of the cows, operational audits can help you understand how your team of people and machinery can best work together to maximize profitability.

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  • ScaleHawk

    Watching your forage harvest like a hawk.

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Full Systems Approach

When we start a project, we focus on the big picture. We also recognize that details are what really matters. Working with you to acheive long-lasting solutions that work is our goal.

Farming is Complex

From the science behind silage fermentation, to ovsynch protocols, to tractor CANbus systems, to milking parlor throughput, to TMR analysis we can help you identify what you are doing well, and where you can use your resources and technology for more profit.

GPS Technology

Whether you are looking for software to bring together gps data from different machines you already have, a gps hardware/software solution for a specialized machine, or a cost-effictive way to gather gps data for an entire fleet, we have the experience to make it happen.

World-wide Connectivity

All of our software solutions focus on cloud connetivity. We also know that internet on farms isn't always reliable, so synchronizing computers and making your data available offline is available too.